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This large megalithic tomb, not marked on the early 1st or 2nd editions of the OS maps
but as 'Dolmen' on the 3rd 6" edition, is located in a small wooded copse in the
town-land of Donore (*Dún úabhair, meaning 'fort of the pride') which is 1.5km east
of the R705 & the River Barrow (*An Bhearú meaning 'boil' or 'bubble') and 2.5km
south of the town of Muine Bheag (*meaning 'small thicket') and sometimes called
Bagenalstown, after the 18th century founder Walter Bagnel of Dunleckey. The River
Barrow is the second-longest river in Ireland and is believed to be that marked as
'Birgus' on Ptolemy's map Prima Europe in c.150 AD. The earliest recorded name for
the river is Berbha, from 996 AD** and is believed to derive from the Proto-Celtic
'boru', an association with Borvo, the Celtic god of minerals and spring water. The
tomb, orientation unknown, consists of a massive granite slab, now split in two,
measuring 2.95m N-S x 3.60m E-W. The capstone is supported at the north by a large
upright slab 2.10m in length and 1.3 -1m in height and rests on the natural rocky
ground at the south. A local resident, who lives on an adjoining property, informed me
that when he was a child he would play around the tomb and it was called 'The Fairy
* Placenames Database of Ireland 2016
** The Annals of the Four Masters
52 40' 43.031”N...6 56' 56.501”W