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This fine, fairly well preserved portal tomb in the town-land of Arderrawinny
(*Ard-doire mhuine meaning 'high oak wood of the shrubbery'), is located on a small
level area of grassland, facing into the foot of a cliff, 300m north of the R592 road
from Toormore (*An Tuar Mor meaning 'the great pasture') to Skull (*An Scoil
meaning 'the roaring') on the Mizen Head (*Carn Uí Néid meaning 'cairn of the
grandson of Néad/Néid'). Mizen Head is at the western extremity of the peninsula
which was formerly known as the Ivagha Peninsula (*Uíbh Eachach). It is the 2nd of
the only two portal tombs in County Cork, the other being the portal tomb at Ahaglaslin
(CO143-034).The tomb, marked on all editions of the OS maps as 'Carriganine
Cromlech', is orientated NE - SW and leans heavily to the south. The narrow chamber,
2m in length by 0.8m in width, is covered by two over-lapping capstones. The entrance
to the tomb is at the NE end and is marked by two tall, well matched portal stones, 1.5m
in height, and a tall door stone 1m in height. The sides and back of the chamber are
made up of single stones, 2m in length and 1m in height and the entire structure was
incorporated into a low oval mound, 10m in length and 8m in width. Traces of the
cairn are still visible, most notably on the west and north sides. The magnificent wedge
tomb at Altar (*An Altóir CO148-005) is further west along the R592 towards

Survey of the Megalithic Tombs of Ireland Vol. IV
* Placenames Database of Ireland 2016
51 31' 6.272"N...9 37' 17.583"W