BEALICK Wedge Tomb
This well-preserved wedge tomb, not marked on the Ordnance Survey 6 inch maps
in 1841 but later marked as ‘Cromlech’ & ‘Dolmen’, is located near the summit of
a west facing slope of the River Laney valley, the Boggeragh Mountains to the north
& north-east, 1.5 km NE of Macroom (Maigh Chromtha). The tomb consists of a
small chamber covered by a single roof-stone aligned WNW-ESE. The pear-shaped
roof-stone rests on the three side-stones but not on the back-stone & measures 3.65
m in length, 2.25m in width at the middle & 0.35m in depth, set in a sloping
position, pointed end to the west. The chamber is formed by two orthostats on the
north side; one on the south and a back-stone at the east. The easterly stone on the
north-side measures 1m in length, 0.95m in height & 0.25m in depth. The other
measures 0.95m in length, 0.90m in height & 0.20m in depth. The opposite side-
stone measures 1.70m in length, 0.90m in height & 0.30m in depth & the back-
stone measures 1.60m in length, 0.90m in height & 0.30m in depth. The gallery
measures 2m in length, 1.25-1.05m in width (E-W) & 1.15m - 0.80m in height (E-
W). Two loose stone at the east end, 1m in height are not in situ. A single out-wall
stone is present at the south-side. According to de Valera & O Nualláin, there are
no indications of a surrounding mound (1982, 17, Co. 23.)
551°54'44"...N 8°55'33"...W
SMR No.:-CO071-020
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Bealick wedge tomb, County Cork