CAHERKIRKY Boulder Burial 2
Marked on the Historical maps as 'Cromlech' & on the modern OSI (DS 2nd Ed.
No. 89) map as ‘boulder burials’, is situated in level pasture near the headwaters of
the Ihernagh river, north of Clonakilty (Cloich na Coillte) Co. Cork. This is the 2nd
& easterly of two boulder burials standing 5m apart. The cover-stone measures 1.7
m in length, 1.3m in width & 0.8m in depth. One support stone is visible beneath
the cover-stone on the eastern side of the monument. The standing stone (CO121-
018003) lies immediately north of the east boulder burial.
51°40'52"...N 8°59'44"...W
SMR No.:-CO121-018002
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Caherkirky Boulder Burial 2 Co. Cork