CAHERKIRKY Standing Stone
Marked on the Historical maps as 'Cromlech' & on the modern OSI (DS 2nd Ed.
No. 89) map as ‘boulder burials’, is situated in flat pasture near the headwaters of
Ihernagh river, north of Clonakilty (Cloich na Coillte) Co. Cork. This massive slab
measuring 2.7m in height, 1.9m in width & 0.5m in depth, tapers towards the base
with it’s long axis aligned NE-SW. The two boulder-burials (CO121-018001 &
CO121-018002) lie immediately to the South & SW.
51°40'52"...N 8°59'44"...W
SMR No.:-CO121-018003
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Caherkirky Standing Stone Co. Cork