KNOCKANEREAGH Boulder Burial 1
Not marked on the Historical maps but on the modern OSI (DS 2nd Ed. No. 86)
map as ‘boulder burial’, is situated in pasture in undulating countryside, with a
coniferous wood to the north and commanding views to the south & west towards
the Shehy Mountains, west of the R587. The eastern most boulder burial is an
irregularly shaped, hog-backed, orange-coloured, quartz boulder resting on three
support-stones and measures 0.9m in height, 1.5m in width & 1.2m in depth. A
standing stone pair (
CO094-130002) and a second boulder-burial (CO094-130003)
are c. 23m to the WSW.
51°48'36"…N 9°2'33"…W
SMR No.:-CO094-130001
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Knockanereagh Boulder Burial 1, Co. Cork