Marked on the Historical maps as ‘Cromlech’ & ‘Dolmen’ & on the modern OSI
(DS 2nd Ed. No. 79) map as ‘megalithic tomb’, is situated on a SE-facing slope of
Knocknagoun Mountain overlooking the basin of Dripsey River, ‘An Druipseach’
(meaning ‘Muddy river’), north of the village of Rylane & north of the town of
Macroom (Maigh Chromtha). This box-shaped wedge tomb consists of a gallery 2.6
m in length, 1m in width at the west end, 0.8m at the east end, covered by two
overlapping roof-stones and is aligned NW-SE. The gallery is formed by three side-
stones to the north, four to the south which still contain two padding stones in situ
and a back-stone outside gallery walls at the east end. A single jamb-like stone
stands just inside the west end of the south side. The remains of closely-set outer
walling are visible at the east and south sides and traces of a possible mound are
present to the west and south.
51°59'53"…N 8°50'20"…W
SMR No.:-CO049-046
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Knocknagoun Wedge Tomb Co. Cork