KNOCKS Boulder Burials
Not marked on the Historical maps but on the modern OSI (DS 2nd Ed. No. 89)
map as ‘boulder burial’, is situated east of the R588 & north of Clonakilty (Cloich
na Coillte) Co. Cork. Three boulder burials set in the form of a triangle about 1.5m
apart, are located on a level patch of ground in rolling pasture, 8m to the east of a
Ring-fort (CO122-007004-). Boulder Burial
A to the NE consists of a large, almost
square cover-stone measuring 1.8m in length, 1.7m in width & 0.9m in depth,
which rests above four support stones. Boulder Burial
B to the SW consists of a
large sub-circular 2.4m in diameter & 0.6m in depth that rests above at least five
support stones. Boulder Burial
C to the NW consists of a sub-rectangular cover-
stone measuring 2m in length, 1.3m in width & 0.65m in depth resting on two
support stones that are visible beneath the cover stone.
51°41'27"...N  8°56'7"...W
SMR No.:-CO122-007003
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Knocks Boulder Burial A, Co. Cork
Knocks Boulder Burial B, Co. Cork
Knocks Boulder Burial C, Co. Cork
Boulder Burial A
Boulder Burial B
Boulder Burial C