This fantastic, fairly well preserved wedge tomb, a national monument, is located on
small platform, on a south facing slope overlooking the River Laney valley to the SE
just below Lackaduv hill with the wedge tomb of Lackaduv (CO059-028001) 220m to
NNE in an area rich in prehistoric-archaeology. It is marked as 'Dolmen' &
'Cromlech' on early editions of the OSI maps. It's massive capstone, measuring 2.1m in
length and 2.4m in width, is insecurely perched on top of two side-stones to north (1m x
0.10m x 0.50m & is 0.85m x 0.20m x 0.70m) and two to the south (0.95m x 0.20m x
0.50m & 0.45m x 0.10m x 0.30m) and the backing stone (0.95m in height, 1.7m in
width & 0.3m in depth). Two outer-wall stones and a possible buttress-stone are
exposed along the north side of the tomb. The surrounding mound is incorporated into
the field fence to the west. There is decoration on the inside face of the back wall slab
and on a side-stone adjoining the back-stone; age and nature of these features are
uncertain but are probably recent from around the last century. A standing stone
(CO059-102002) lies 10m to the west and a cairn (CO059-10203) lies  35m to the north.
51 57' 31.216"N...8 59' 47.659"W
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