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CRANNAGH Portal Tomb
Co. Galway, Ireland
SMR No. GA122-072

This fantastic, well preserved Portal Tomb, marked on all editions of the OSI maps as
‘Dermot & Grania’s Bed’, is located on a large limestone plateau NW of Coole
Lough (Loch na Cuile) west of the town of Gort (An Gort). The tomb, orientated NNE
- SSW, consists of very substantial remains including the elongated cairn which
measures 22m in length, 6m in width at the front, north end, 10m wide at the
chamber & 7m wide at the south end, with an average height of 0.50m. The large,
steeply inclined capstone measures 3.5m in length, 2.8m in width and 0.40m in depth
and is very similar in profile to the portal tombs at Poulnabrone, County Clare
(CL009-034001 ) & Gaulstown, Co. Waterford (WA017-027). The capstone is
supported by the two well-matched portal stones set 0.8m apart. The western portal
measures 2.1m in height, 1.5m in width & 0.3m in depth. The eastern portal
measures 1.9m in height, 1.7m in width & 0.4m in depth. The side-stones which form
the sides of the chamber, measure 0.80m x 0.80m x 0.15m (west stone) and 1.1m x
0.75m x 0.15m (east stone). The narrow chamber, which measures 1.7m in length, 0.9
m - 0.8m in width, is completed by a large, thin back-stone, measuring 2.2m in width,
1.8m in height and 0.35m - 0.15m in depth but does not support the capstone. The
only reference Borlase makes of this portal tomb, is a short passage where he says :
“In the town-land of Grannagh, and Parish of Ardrahan, an elevated site is
represented in the OSM No. 114, marked ‘Giant's Hill’, in the centre of which a
‘Giant's Grave’ is marked’ (Borlase, p.106).

Borlase, W. ‘The Dolmens of Ireland’ (vol. 1 p. 106, 1897).
de Valera, R. & Ó Nualláin, S. ‘Survey of the Megalithic Tombs of Ireland’ Vol. III
(Dublin 1972).