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This wedge tomb at Doorus Demesne (*Diméin Dhúrois), not marked on any early
editions of the OS maps, is situated just north of Lough Nackervan, 1km NE of
Kinvarra (*Cinn Mhara meaning 'head/headland') off the N67 & 1km south Kinvarra
Bay. It is sited in good level pasture, surrounded by rough rock-strewn land, with
good views of Abbey Hill (*Cnoc na Mainistreach meaning 'monastery hill') &
Turlough Hill (*Cnoc an Turlaigh) to the SW. The tomb consists of a simple
wedge-shaped chamber, with side-stones, back-stone & roof-stone, formed of single
stones, orientated NNE-SSW, on a low grass-grown mound 7m in diameter & 0.5m in
max. height. The south side-stone which slopes 1.2-1m in height W to E, measures
2.8m in length & 0.50m in depth. The north side-stone which slopes 1.15-0.80m in
height W to E, measures 2.6m in length & 0.40m in depth. The back-stone, which
leans slightly inwards, is 1m. in length, 0.30m. in width & 1m. in height. The
roof-stone measures 2.70m. in length and 0.40m. in depth. It is 2.50m. in width at the
west-end & 1.20m. in width at the east-end, resting in a sloping position, on the
side-stones and on the back-stone. These form the chamber, which measures 2.40m.
in length, decreasing in height and width from west to east, 1.20m. in height &
1.50m. in width at the west-end and 1m. in height & 1.20m. in width at the east-end.
Exposed in the floor of the chamber may be bedrock. Stone & earth on top of the
roof-stone is considered field-clearance.

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Dublin, 1972).
* Placenames Database of Ireland 2016