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This rare and hidden four-poster stone circle, Marked as 'Gallauns' on all editions of
the OSI maps, is located in a coniferous wood, on the west side of the small landlocked
island of Knocknacappul on the south side of Kilmakilloge Harbour, south of the
village of Tousist (Tuath O'Siosta). Four upright stones form a quadrangle and are
accompanied by a monolith (outlier) which measures 0.75m in height, 1m in width and
0.65m in depth, which stands 13.3m to the north. The long sides of the quadrangle are
aligned E-W. The NW stone, measuring 2.4m in height, 0.75m in width and 0.4m in
depth is the tallest and stands 1.95m north of the SW stone. The SW stone, measures
0.7m in height, 0.6m in width and 0.3m in depth. The SE stone, which measures 1.15m
in height, 1m in width and 0.55m in depth, is 1.1m to the east and 1.25m north of this is
the NE stone which is very small and measures 0.35m in height, 0.5m in width and
0.45m in depth. This site can only be accessed at low tide and permission can be sought
from the large house to the west. Reenkilla is the only four-poster stone circle in county
These monuments are closely related to stone circles in date & function, though much
less numerous; of the six examples identified in Ireland to date, four are in West Cork,
one in South-West Kerry & one in County Wexford. Although exact dating is lacking,
they are likely to be Bronze Age in date. They are defined as a rectangular setting of
stones whose sides average 4.8m east-west by 4.2m north-south. The stones are usually
graded in height, with the tallest stone at either the south-west or north-east corner.
Their closest counterparts are to be found in northern England & Scotland.
51 45' 38.505"N...9 47' 6"W