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This megalithic structure stands on top of a small hill, on elevated arable land and is
marked on the OS map and the Historic maps as 'Driuds' Altar'. It is a circular mound
9m to 10m in diameter and 0.75m in maximum height. A kerb of small stones survive
around almost all of the circumference but are some what concealed in the ground at
the west. Two set stones, about 1m inside the kerb in the NE quadrant, indicate an
inner kerb and there is a hollow measuring 3.50m in length and 2m in width at the
centre of the mound where a slab, aligned NW-SE, 1.2m in length and 0.80m in width,
lying slightly elevated above the ground which may be the roof of the tomb. The
megalithic tomb of Manger (LA025-018) is 2kms to the East. In their book, ‘History of
Queen’s County’, O’Hanlon & O’Leary give a brief mention of the Monamanry
structure. They write: ‘In the town-land of Monamanry and parish of Tullomoy, about
a mile and a-quarter west from the Ass’s Manger, there is a Dolmen marked Druid’s
Altar on the Ordnance Survey Town-land Map’ (O’Hanlon & O’Leary, vol.1, p. 56).
Borlase in his excellent ‘The Dolmens of Ireland, Vol. 2’, also gives a very brief
mention of Monamanry. He wrote: ‘In the Townland of Monamanry, and Parish of
Tullomoy, a mile and a quarter W. of the Ass's Manger, is a dolmen marked Druids’
Altar in Ord. Surv. Map No. 25’ (Borlase, W., vol. 2 p.374).

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