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This Portal tomb, marked as 'Giants Grave' on early editions of OS maps, is located
in the town-land of Drumany (*Droim Eanaigh, meaning 'ridge of (the) marsh'), on
a small hill in an otherwise low-lying landscape, 150m south of Lough Nacarriga,
(*Loch na Carraige, meaning 'the lake of the rock'), south of the R208 between
Ballinamore or Bellanamore (*Béal an Átha Móir, meaning 'mouth of the big ford')
to the NE and Keshcarrigan (*Ceis Charraigín, meaning 'the small rock on the
wicker causeway') to the SW. The well preserved monument is sited in the typical
Leitrim drumlin & lake landscape, on a low platform, 40m in diameter & 1m in
height, with Slieve Anierin, (*Sliabh an Iarainn, meaning 'mountain of Iron') to the
NW. The tomb consists of a small chamber, measuring 2.15m in height, 2.4m in
length & 1.95m in width, covered by a single capstone, two well-matched portal
stones flanking a door-stone at the west, the sides of which are formed by single slabs
set outside the line of the portals. The capstone, which has slipped to the SE, is 1.8m
in length, 2.2m in width & 0.3m in depth. The portals are set 0.75m-0.65m apart and
are both c.2m in height. The north portal is 1.2m in width & 0.6m in depth, while the
south portal is 0.90m in width & 0.65m in depth. The door-stone, when erect, is 1.05
m in height, 0.70m in width & 0.30m in depth, reaching about halfway up the portals.
The south side-stone is not deeply set and measures 1.7m in length, 1.2m in height &
0.4m in depth. The opposite, north side-stone resting against the portal measures 1.8
m in length, 1.65m in height & 0.25m in depth. A small pad-stone, measuring 0.60m
x 0.30m x 0.10m is jammed between the south side-stone and the portal. A stone next
to this, believed to be the back-stone, measures 1.5m in height, 0.75m in width & 0.20
m in depth. According to de Valera and Ó Nualláin ‘no cairn material can be seen’
(1972, 70-71. A wedge tomb at Drumany (LE024-026) lies 350m to the SW.
Moore, Michael, J., 'The Archaeological Inventory of County Leitrim' (Dublin, 2003)
de Valera, R. & Ó Nualláin, S., 'Survey of the Megalithic Tombs of Ireland' Vol. III.
(Dublin, 1972)
* Placenames Database of Ireland 2016
54 2' 15.461"N...7 53' 21.158"W