52 37' 53.649"N...8 14' 21.537"W
This stone row, not marked on any editions of the OSI maps, is located on a small
plateau, 1km NE of the confluence of the Gortnageragh River and the much larger
River Bilboa and 6km NE of the town of Cappamore, 'An Ceapach Mhór', Co.
Limerick. Although perhaps not at first as impressive as some of my previous 'Weekend
Wonder' posts, its stunning location & breath-taking landscape in this megalithic rich
region warrents its inclusion as a Weekend Wonder.The row, known locally as 'The
Three Stones', consists of three stones, set 1m apart, on a near N-S alignment, most
likely pointing to Mother Mountain, 'Mauherslieve' & the Slieve Felim Mountains to
the north, with a fourth stone 5m to the SW. The stones, boulder in shape and
exhibiting small speckles of quartz running through them, range in height from 2m
(north stone) to 1.5m (middle stone leaning to the west) and 1.7m (south stone). There
are also small boulders close to the base of the stone row but their purpose (if any) is
unclear. A fourth stone, 1.2m in height and more pointed than the row, lies 5m to the
SW. Its purpose is unclear but it maybe an outlier and may also have a connection to
the alignment. An unclassified Cairn (LI016-002002) lies 25m to the SE.
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