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The tomb Cleenrah or Cleenrath ('Cloon rath' meaning 'the sloping fort') marked as '
Dermot and Grania's Bed' on the original edition (1838) of the Ordnance Survey 6"
maps and on the subsequent editions of 1882 and 1914, is a well preserved, short
chambered tomb, orientated W-E, situated on good pasture land, 200m north of Lough
Leebean & 1km west of Lough Gowna, ‘Loch Gamhna’, on the Longford/Cavan county
border. Another portal tomb at Aghnacliff, ‘Achadh na Cloiche’ (LF006-017), is 1km
to the SSW. It consists of two portal stones, two side-stones, a back-stone & a capstone.
The north portal stone, located at the west, is 1.7m in height, 1.1m in width & 0.65m in
depth. The south portal stone is 1.35m in height, 0.95m in width & 0.70m in depth. The
gap between the portals is only 0.50 m in width. The two side-stones that form the sides
of the chamber are set outside the portal stones & lean inwards. The north side-stone is
1.9m in height, 2.15m in length & 0.75m in depth. The south side-stone is 1.9m in
height, 2.2m in length & 0.7m in depth. The back-stone at the east is 1.5m in height,
1m in width & 0.3m in depth. Because it does not entirely close the chamber, the gap is
filled with another smaller stone 0.55m x 0.4m x 0.2m in dims. The capstone, which
rests on the portal stones, side-stones & the back-stone is 2.7m in length, 2.5m in width
& 1.25m in depth. The over-all length of the tomb is 2.75m but the chamber, from the
portal stones to the back-stone, is only 1.6m in length.

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