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This court tomb comprises a gallery structure some 14m in length with a broad court at
its NE end. The cairn edge is traceable to the north and east of the court. Six stones of
the north arm of the court together with the entrance jambs to the gallery form a neat
arc and indicate a court about 3.5m in depth. The south entrance jamb is doubled by a
second, larger orthostat set behind and parallel to it. The first chamber is 2.9m in
length and 2.4m in width. The north side is represented by a single stone and there are
two stones at the south. A pair of jambs set inside the side walls separates this from the
second chamber, which is 2.7m in length and  2m in width. The north side is
represented by two stones but only one survives on the south. At the western end of this
chamber are a pair of jambs, again set inside the line of the side walls. Some 0.7m
beyond these is an orthostat, apparently a jamb, with the remains of the gallery
extending some 7m further to the SW. Here there are five contiguous stones to the
north and two stones to the south. Further segmentation is indicated by a single inset
jamb at the south side of the gallery and some 4m from the last-mentioned jamb. The
SW end of the gallery is 1.4m wide, indicating a general decrease in gallery width from
front to rear.  
54 0' 32.596"N...6 17' 4.085"W