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This portal tomb, marked as 'Cromlech' on the 1912 edition of the OS maps, is located
in the town-land of Ervey (An Oirbhe) on a low ridge, in good pasture land, flanked to
the east & west by small hills, SW of the town of Kingscourt & west of the R164 in a
field known locally as 'Cairnhill'. The tomb is quiet damaged and is represented by two
slabs that are certainly in situ. One of these, on the south-side, is a large, upright portal
measuring 1.6m in height, 1.5m in width & 0.40m in depth, that leans slightly
southward and takes the whole weight of the large capstone. The capstone measures
3.7m in maximum length, 3.4m in width & 0.8m - 0.4m in depth. It is 2.7m above
ground level at the SE side, above the erect portal, with the NW side resting on the
ground. NE of the erect portal, is a prostrate slab embedded in the ground, that
measures 1.5m in length by 0.9m in width, and 'is most likely that this is a collapsed
upright' (Eogan, p.183). Between these, is a smaller slab measuring 1m in length by
0.25m in width and 'it maybe assumed that originally it formed a sill between the two
uprights' (Eogan, p.184). On the north side of the structure is a small lozenge-shaped
slab measuring 1.05m in height. Its relationship to the tomb or its purpose is unknown.
There is no trace of a cairn and the tomb is bounded by a modern field fence to the
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