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LENNAN Portal Tomb
Co. Monaghan, Ireland
SMR No. MO019-016

This wonderful and small Portal Tomb, marked on both the OSI and Historic maps as
'Cromlech', is situated on the SE slopes of a small hill, in good open pasture, east of
Corfin Lough and NW of the town of Doohamlat, (Duthamhlacht). The chamber,
opening to the NW, consists of two side stones and a displaced capstone. The portal
stones and back stone were in place in 1936, as was a field fence but have since been
removed. “In the town-land of Lennan and Parish of Tullycorbet ”, wrote Borlase in
his account of the tomb from “The Dolmens of Ireland” Vol. 1 (1897): “is a dolmen,
east of it is a lake now called Ghost Lough. An interest attaches to this dolmen, which
is a fine one, from the fact that it bears on one of its stones some scriblings which some
have thought to be the characters of some rude inscription. The lines, which are upon
one of the supporters of the large flag which forms the roof, “are” says O’Donovan,
“distinctly cut in a part of the pillar-stone on which the weather could never have any
effect”. In his opus “Handbook of Irish Antiquities” (1903), Wakeman describes the
tomb as “The inscribed cromlech of Lennan or Tullycorbet, Co. Monaghan’. ‘It stands
upon a knoll called by the people of the district Cruck-na-clia, which may be translated
‘Battle hill’. This monument, a fine one of its class, presents every appearance of
having always been free-standing. It bears some extremely curious markings, into the
character of which the late Sir Samuel Ferguson made careful examination”.