This megalithic tomb, a rarity for county Offaly, is not marked on any editions of the
OS maps but it is listed on the National Monuments Inventory. It is located 2km SE of
Cloghjordan (Cloch Shiurdáin), County Tipperary & Moneygall (Muine Gall), County
Offaly on the R490. It is sited on top of a low, subcircular, stony mound, 11-12m in
diameter & 0.8m in height, with a small copse of trees marking the outer circle of the
mound. The roof-stone is a very distinctive red sandstone and measures 3.2m in length,
2.8m in width, 0.35m in depth and is 0.80m above the present ground level & partly
overlies the western end of the chamber. It is supported by four small, flat slabs
forming a chamber, roughly orientated ESE-WNW, 3.3m in length by 1.5m in width. A
large stone lies prostrate and broken underneath the roof-stone and may have formed
part of the structure as also may some of the large boulders lying on the mound.
Smaller stones and soil maybe the remains of the cairn.  Although it shows some
characteristics of a 'chambered cairn', it also shows some similarities to cist at
Tinnakilla (LI018-041001), County Limerick.
52 55' 36.954"N...8 0' 42.949"W
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