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TAGHMON Sheela-na-Gig
This Sheela-na-gig is located over a trefoil window in north wall of a 15th century
church not in original location. Described by Freitag as a, ‘figure carved on slab in
seated position. Taghmon, ‘Teach Munna’ (Saint Munna’s church) is named after
Saint Munna who founded a monastery here in the 6th century. It has a big head
without ears; pained expression on the face, with mouth wide open, baring two rows of
teeth. Two indentations for eyebrows and clearly marked nostrils. Big hands clasping
tightly flexed knees. Lower legs held apart, revealing big oval pudenda with round hole
in middle. Lower part of carving missing.
53 36’ 3.2”N…7 15’ 59.253”W
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