This stone circle is a rarity, not only a four-poster but the only stone circle in county
Wexford. The circle, not marked on any editions of the OSI maps, sits proudly on top of
a small hill in the west of county Wexford, east of New Ross (Ros Mhic Thriúin) Its
four main stones enclose an area of c. 4.25-4.9m N-S x 3.4-3.7m E-W. The NW stone,
the tallest, measures 1.6m in height,  0.75m in width & 0.6m in depth. The NE stone
measures 0.85m in height, 0.95m in width & 0.35m in depth. The SE stone measures
0.7m in height, 0.9m in width & 0.2m in depth. The SW stone measures 1.4m in height,
0.9m in width & 0.6m in depth. There are two other stones believed to be a ritual alter;
one an outlier measuring 0.8m in height, 0.85m in width & 0.4m in depth lies c. 4m to
the SW and a quartz block measuring 1.7m x 1.25m lying prone between the circle and
the outlier.
These monuments are closely related to stone circles in date & function, though much
less numerous; of the six examples identified in Ireland to date, four are in West Cork,
one in South-West Kerry & one in County Wexford. Although exact dating is lacking,
they are likely to be Bronze Age in date. They are defined as a rectangular setting of
stones whose sides average 4.8m east-west by 4.2m north-south. The stones are usually
graded in height, with the tallest stone at either the south-west or north-east corner.
Their closest counterparts are to be found in northern England & Scotland.
52 24' 30.24"N...6 48' 29.21"W
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