Corinth - Greece (Sept 2016)
Corinth is an ancient city and former municipality in Corinthia, Peloponnese,
which is located in south-central Greece, located about 78 kilometres west of
Athens. The site was occupied from before 3000 BC. but historical sources about
the city concerns the early 8th century BC, when Corinth began to develop as a
commercial center. Corinth was allied with Sparta within the Peloponnesian
League, and Corinth participated in the Persian Wars and Peloponnesian War as
an ally of Sparta. The old city was totally destroyed in 1858 by a magnitude 6.5
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Pirene Fountain
Archaeological Museum of Ancient Corinth
Archaeological Museum of Isthmia
Roman Baths of Isthmia
Temple of Apollo
Temple of Isthmia